It is against Indiana law for a motorist involved in an accident to leave the scene without exchanging his or her information with the other party. When a driver flees, a prosecutable offense has occurred and serious penalties may result. While it may seem hopeless to pursue a legal action when a motorist has left the scene, there may be other means to recover. 

Indiana drivers must carry auto insurance that covers injuries and damages regardless of who is at fault for causing an accident. When law enforcement identifies the motorist who left the accident scene, an injured party may file a claim for medical expenses, lost wages and damages with the driver’s insurance carrier. Filing a legal action against an additional party with some responsibility for causing the accident may also provide compensation for relief. 

Who else may have a shared responsibility for the accident? 

The employer of a driver who caused an accident while operating a company vehicle may find itself responsible for injuries and damages. The manager who hired the driver may not have conducted a thorough enough screening of the individual’s driving record. A company’s negligence in hiring and sending a marginal driver out on the road may result in its shared liability for the accident. 

Local city or government agencies may also share responsibility for a roadway crash. Officials owe a duty of care to properly maintain all their city’s traffic lights, roads and sidewalks. If there is a known hazard, officials must provide warnings or direct traffic elsewhere. When an injury or a wrongful death occurs, the city may find itself facing a lawsuit for damages, as reported by ABC 57. 

When can you file a lawsuit? 

If a motorist strikes another vehicle or a pedestrian, an injured party may sue the driver and any other responsible parties for damages. When a vehicle accident causes a tragic and preventable death, a legal action may help compensate grieving survivors for their loss and bring a sense of closure. The compensation received may also help cover funeral and burial expenses.