When you drive on Indiana highways, you share the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles. Whether they are local trucks making quick shuttles or semis driving across the country, you can face significant danger from drivers who don’t respect the road.

In an accident between your small car and a large commercial truck, you and your vehicle face the most risk. To prevent accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recommends safety tips for you when driving a passenger vehicle:

  • Respect a trucker’s blind spots – The cab and trailer of a semi block a trucker’s view. The FMCSA recognizes four “no zones” that cars should avoid. These zones are directly in front of the truck, directly behind the truck and on either side.
  • Trucks must take wide turns – To safely get a trailer around a curve, a driver must take a wide turn. When the trucker signals a turn, he or she may drive straight or even curve the opposite way before turning.
  • Don’t expect the truck to speed up quickly – Trucks haul heavy loads that drag down their speed. When a trucker turns onto a road or starts driving after a red light, the vehicle will take time to accelerate.

Whether your daily commute takes you on local roads or Interstate 70, you likely share the highway with commercial vehicles. These drivers often have short deadlines and drive long hours. Some may be too tired or distracted to be aware of your car.

You can’t control how focused truckers are. But by respecting their size and blind spots, you may help avoid a dangerous accident.